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Mijn.loondossier.nl. For clients administrative office

Overview for you as an employer

Via the menu option ‘Dossier’ (top middle) you will find the files that the administrative office  uploaded for you to mijn.loondossier.nl. Such as the monthly reviews - as one PDF file - for you to check and approve (or disapprove, of course).

These reviews usually include the pay slips, wage tax declaration, salary journal and the payment list for the salaries. Whatever you and your administrative office wish to upload to mijn.loondossier.nl.

In our example your administrative office has sent you the overviews (‘Serie-overzichten’) of  January through March:

You can take a closer look of the PDF containing the various overviews on mijn.loondossier.nl. Like – in our example below – the salary journal of March:

Of course you will also check the salary slips of your employees. If these slips are alright, you can give your administrative office the go ahead to upload the slips to your employees. Your administrative office will do so via mijn.loondossier.nl too. You don't have to worry about that.