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Mijn.loondossier.nl. For clients administrative office

How do you register for mijn.loondossier.nl?

In brief:

• Make sure you have the email address of the employer and of all employees entered correctly in Loon.

• Turn payslips from a period in 2022, prepare them for sending to mijn.loondossier.nl.

• You send the prepared files via 'Salary today', 'Send to Mijn LoonDossier'

(center left in the menu).

• The employer and employees will then each receive a welcome email with their

username and a link to request the password for Mijn LoonDossier.

• Afterwards, the employer and employees can view their own file.

• Administration offices can view the monthly salary statements for a

prepare the client. Such as the payslips, wages payment list and the journal entry.

Welcome emails to employees not before posting first payslip

Employees of administration office clients only receive a welcome e-mail with their username and a link to request the password when the first pay slip or annual statement is placed on the employee section of Mijn LoonDossier. So not already if the administration office places (series) overviews on the wage file of the employer.

This way, the administration office and the employer can first arrange things calmly for Mijn LoonDossier, and only then have the employees informed via the welcome email.

This also applies to employers who make their own salaries with Loon. The welcome email will only be sent to the employees if the employer places a pay slip or annual statement on the employee section of mijn.loondossier.nl. Not before.